My Spectrum blanket

Now that I am getting into making patterns for complete blankets with a border. (Post on the beginnings of the one I previewed earlier on Monday). I thought that it might be worth publishing the details of how to make my Spectrum blanket on Ravelry.Spectrum blanket on bed

Stylecraft still have the same colours, so no need for substitutes.

Not sure how popular it will be as I don’t advertise but a few years ago, some time after my Soft Granny Ripple pattern had been published, I did enter into some correspondence with a person who had been asked to make a copy of the blanket for a double bed. So at least one person liked it enough to want one.

If you have a login for Ravelry you can see what she made. HERE

I’m giving a discount to anyone who had previously bought the Soft Granny Ripple pattern or Three Granny Ripples ebook. Hope I can get it to work okay. However looking at other patterns for sale on Ravelry £4.50 seems a fair price for the full pattern. Though clever people could probably work out a lot of it for themselves.

I’m calling it a ‘Spectrum Granny Blanket’ as someone else has created a Spectrum Blanket and it does use my granny ripple.

It still makes me smile when I have it on my bed: all those lovely colours.

blanket bundled up

Eight and a half years ago when I finished it.

Spectrum blanket on bed

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