Friday Fotos

Today is Baby Week.

I remembered to take my camera so I was able to get much better photographs.

On the boating lake we discovered that all of the six coot babies were still alive.

I didn’t manage to take a photograph of all of them but here are three with a parent.3 coot babies with parent

Further round we saw a duck with what seemed a late addition to the family,duck and babybeing so small and fluffy still.
baby duckling
On the ornamental lake the Canada geese were still aroundfamily of geesebut the three babies are now so large you can hardly tell which are the babies and which the parents.geese closer
The moorhens and babies have been a bit elusive of late and I missed the chance to photograph the mother but here is a moorhen
The vegetable kingdom not to be outdone produced a baby blackberry for blackberrySuch a lot of babies!

I will leave you however with something at the other end of the scale.

Thistles that are growing unbelievably tall.3 thistlesand just to emphasise how tall some of them are. Here I am standing next to one of them.
myself next to thistle

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