Saturday Art Club

I receive emails from the Council and they often have what look like fun art activities in the half terms but of course those are for children.

In a recent email however they had some for adults. Some of the things were rather expensive but ‘The Art Club for Adults’ sessions at the Art Gallery were a reasonably price and only two hours which I though I could cope with, without getting over tired.

So I signed up for one on “Collage”. The instructions on the ticket mentioned masks so it didn’t seem too scary.

So how did I find it?

I enjoyed it but overall was a bit disappointed.

For a start I was the only person wearing a mask. But there were only about twelve of us, so not too great a risk. I kept the mask on though.

I have never done collage so I was hoping for some instruction in what we were aiming for but really there was little guidance, just books of wallpaper patterns (largely plain) and calendars and other pieces of paper with things printed on them and a couple of cupboards which contained yarn and fabric and all sorts of things.

(I suppose it was called ‘Art Club’ and not ‘Art Class’. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.)

We were told to gather up anything we fancied then sit down and create our collage.

I got the feeling that people were creating things that were like pictures rather than being totally abstract, so decided to do the same.

I managed to create something from what I had picked up that had some sort of cohesion but wasn’t especially anything. I actually put back my first piece of wallpaper as the colour was all wrong once I began to put an idea together.

first collageThe yarn I used for the sun looked lovely when I first laid it out but sticking it in place was quite another thing especially as the glue was much more tacky than the PVA glue I have at home.

I had finished after about an hour and a quarter and asked if I could do something else.

I had thought if I enjoyed the collage that I might try making a birthday card for my granddaughter at home. I hadn’t been sure if I had enough things to make it from at home, so now seemed a good time and I had had half an idea of what I might do.

So here it is.

birthday card

Had a bit of a problem with it curling up, because of the glue soaking into the paper of course.

Hope she likes it.

They have more sessions based on all sorts of different activities in the future and if it wasn’t for Covid, and the fact that hardly anyone seems to bother with masks anymore, I might be tempted to try something. Maybe when Covid has slipped into the background, if they are still running it.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Art Club

  1. Great! I expect you could find some suitable instructional videos on collage on You Tube if you wanted to learn more.

    Re the paper/card curling up – I put mine under a stack of books overnight to flatten. Put it between two layers of plastic so that any stray glue doesn’t stick your piece to the books. Lie it so that the bits that curl up towards you are facing downwards under the books or weights. xx

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  2. I love your card and I’m sure your granddaughter will too. I can believe that collage would take you out of your comfort zone. As long as the room was well ventilated you should be ok Covid wise. I don’t think anyone wears a mask in the activities I do , but I always have one with me just in case someone else is worried

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    1. I am not sure there was extra ventilation but living alone and having CFS does make me feel I have to be extra careful as the suggestion is that CFS means a dodgy immune system. And to get Long Covid on top could make life impossible


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