Friday Fotos

Another day when I forgot my camera. Two many other things to remember like putting on sun block and taking water bottle.

Yes it has been hot and sunny today.sunny dayOnly three of two friendsOf course I am here behind the phone!

The family of coots were out on the boating of cootsThe council very kindly let this fallen tree lie over the water which helped protect nest and  babies from the marauding black headed gulls.. tree over the waterI just realised today that it is a horse chestnut tree.

The fishermen are back at the Ornamental Lake two fishermennow fishing is permitted once again.

I must try to remember my camera next time. It is hard to see the screen on the phone in bright sunlight and impossible in landscape mode when I am wearing my sunglasses. Half the time I wasn’t even sure if I was taking a photograph or not. I also played around with the icons on the screen when I thought it wasn’t taking photographs and when I looked at the following photographs they moved. (Shades of Harry Potter!) Corel Photo-Paint even refused to recognise some of them but it can’t have just been the motion because it was okay with other moving ones. They didn’t move on screen on the computer of course.

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