The Baby Blanket is finished

I have finally finished the baby blanket complete with border.

I finished the central part a few days ago.

blanket centre on chair

But then I had to decide whether to add a border or not.

This was the basic design



and was quite attractive, I thought, as it was but maybe it needed a soft edge. Something in plain grey not to upstage the basic design.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I looked in my borders book.

No! nothing inspired me.

I wanted something that was simple, not too holey and a bit soft and squishy.

Eventually I found what I wanted. Such an easy idea. Rows of trebles (US-dcs) with alternate front and back post stitches.

The place, where I found it suggested for a baby blanket, said to work nine trebles into the corner but they were using more rounds than I planned, so I just added seven.

And here it is!

finished blanket

I photographed it on a sheet in the garden.

Here is the design twisted round.

blanket rotated

I like to display pictures of the things I make so you can really see what they look like but I have noticed that people often take more arty pictures for their patterns,

So I tried a photo with props.

blanket with rocking horse and Pooh.

I had taken a few similar pictures for the blanket centre with the rocking horse but decided to add Pooh this time.

Originally, I had thought I might sell the pattern for the blanket, so I am taking plenty of photographs before I give it to my friend to give to her son, in case I do decided to do that later.

Think this would be a better pattern photograph if I didn’t go for boring.

blanket on chair

What do you think: would people make this as a baby blanket?


17 thoughts on “The Baby Blanket is finished

    1. Of course you could just not care about using pink for a boy and blue for a girl. I dressed my daughter in blue (among other colours) when she was a baby. People did sometimes say “Oh! what a lovely boy” as they hovered over the pram but I didn’t care.


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