Blanket update

If I hadn’t had the virus I might have almost finished the blanket by now.

Still it did mean that I got around to publishing the bookmark pattern; so that is a plus.

The baby the blanket is meant for has been born. She is called Eliza Coco.

Here is how far I have got blanket so farAs you can see, the green/blue/mauve part of the knot doesn’t show up against the grey as well as the red/orange/yellow part. I have lots of yarn left and one day I might make a version with larger squares, and just the knot bit, using white for the background.

Oh! and I also gave the family this coat and hat
pixie hatthat I made from Sandra’s pattern ( though with my choice of rainbow colours. Apparently the family think they are wonderful.

Originally I bought the rainbow set of yarn for this coat.other baby coat and hoodAs I said I still have quite a bit left. It is amazing how much baby things you can get out of a few balls. (I did buy extra grey for the blanket.)

5 thoughts on “Blanket update

  1. Viruses do disrupt things don’t they! How are you now?
    So lovely to see the Rainbow Fairy jacket – I am delighted to hear that it has found a gorgeous new baby to wear it. Thanks so much for the mention. 🙂 🙂

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