New Coasters

Been trying our some new coaster patterns lately.

Found the pattern for these on YouTube and made two.


Then as I had the cotton out. I used some Scheepjes Cahlista that is an Aran/worsted weigh cotton.

I tried working our how to make this.
which is about the same size as my Celtic Coaster made from DK/light worsted weight cotton.

I was wondering whether to add it in to the pattern for the Celtic Coasters because I know in the US that weight seems to be popular. Or would people just make bigger coasters? Mmm……………

8 thoughts on “New Coasters

  1. Dear Jane,
    I continue to enjoy your reports and the wonderful things you make and share.
    I wondered if there is a Jubilee Project going around like the Dessert that was just announced. Maybe a Cushion Cover or something small like your Coaster. I am sure anything you came up with would be amazing.
    Keep up the good work

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    1. Haven’t heard of any projects like that. I am working on new blanket projects at present but not jubilee related. Thank you for commenting. It makes me happy to think that you enjoy my posts.


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