Friday Fotos

I am not sure how much of a regular feature this will be but now summer is almost here and going out with a camera is easier since it is less likely to get wet; I thought it would be interesting to document what is happening on Southampton Common.

Five photographs and you get this.


Not sure what the bee was up to. Was he looking for a nesting spot?

Since it is now May we had to have some May blossom.

May blossom

A perfect dandelion clock

dandelion clock

and a perfect progenitor.



The Ornamental Lake

Ornamental Lake

and a closer look at a yellow flag.

yellow flag iris

A family of Canada Geese.

Canada geese

I expect you would like a closer look.

geese closer

The goslings seem able to look after themselves for food.


On the Cemetery lake there were lots of ducklings.

Here is a duck with a large family,

duck family

Aren’t they cute?


So here is a phot of just one duckling.


I think twelve photographs is enough even though I was told I had taken 102!

Hope you enjoyed this peak into the natural world.


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