Cushion Cover Finished

I finally managed to finish the cushion cover.

Do you remember? This is when you last saw it.

previous part cover

It has taken so long because I discovered that what with the wool being a bit thin and fluffy and the red looking much darker in artificial light that it was very hard to make the squares of a winter evening. So it had a long rest. Then when I got back to it, I had reached barely half way when I realised that I had a better way of doing things and had to undo a few rows. Joining rows not squares!

I have to admit that at this point, I became a bit impatient and stopped being a perfectionist but it still seems to have come out fairly well.

Finally I reached this far.

finished front cover

Now I have some floor cushions that match the three piece suite.


which are about eighteen inches square and I had thought that It could be a cover for one of them. However when I had finished it I realised that it was actually more like twenty inches square and so much too big. So I had to have a rethink.

Now I have a two Ikea Poang chairs that came with footstools and I have one of the stools at the foot of my bed, that I sit on in the morning while putting on my slippers.


This cushion is twenty inches by twenty two. So I decided to extend the cover.

extended cushion cover

In the end because the footstool cushion has rounded corners, I have to fudge it a bit when fitting. The cushion is fitted with velcro at the back so there  is no point going for a full reverse side.

In the end I fitted it with pins.

cushion cover fitted

Not sure if there is a better way but it will do for now.

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