A Scrap Happy Easter post

It’s not often that I have anything for a Scrap Happy post but recently I have been really utilising my scraps of yarn.

One of the things I have done is make a few crochet eggs for a friend.

When we went for a walk on The Common recently, she was looking for any small branches lying on the ground to make a display to have in her Hall for Easter. She found a couple and said that she had only had a couple of wooden eggs to hang on it. I said of course she could crochet some. Although she can crochet she is really more of a knitter, so this was obviously a challenging thought. So I offered to make her a few.

I keep all the small pieces of yarn left over from other projects, thinking I might one day make a scrap blanket. However I never get anywhere near that as a possibility as I keep using them for other things like the eggs.

I categorise them into short pieces, really small balls and small balls.scraps pf uarn

I took out some suitable colours of the smaller lengths and a suitable size hook and set to work.

hook amd chosen scraps

After a few days I had made these.

6 crochet eggs

which I packed in an egg box together with another tiny one.

7crochet eggs

Gave them to her today and they were much appreciated.

11 thoughts on “A Scrap Happy Easter post

    1. I’ve made loads before. My latest tree in post on Sunday. Didn’t like to see my friend with just two wooden ones. She also said that she had problems with the wooden ones because of the weight, so liked that mine were much lighter being stuffed with yarn ends.

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    1. Well it helps to find a piece of a suitable length for whatever I have in mind. Though when I made the little egg, it was supposed to be a medium sized one but I didn’t realise there wouldn’t be enough yarn, so when I did I had to undo a row or three and redo it as a small one!!

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