Vague Whispers of a Blanket

I had hoped to show you an update on my cushion cover this Monday.

Do you remember the cushion cover?

Part of cushion

I did complete one more row but the red squares which look a bright red in the sunlight look a much darker red in artificial light and I had to give up making the squares in the winter as, with the nature of the yarn (it is a bit thin for DK and fluffy) and the size of the hook, it was beginning to find that I couldn’t really see where to insert the hook.

With the slightly brighter weather lately, I have now made all the squares but still need to sew in the ends before joining them.

I am making myself finish the cushion cover before I will allow myself to actually start the next blanket but I have been working on it behind the scenes for months.

Why a blanket?

Well primarily it is to use up most of the yarn that I have left from making my granddaughter’s blanket.

African flower blanket

Now the colours my granddaughter chose where not in all instances the ones that I would have chosen, so where I had sufficient other colours of yarn I did make a few substitutions. Where my granddaughter chose Gold (all mentioned are Stylecraft Special DK) I chose Citron. Instead of Teal and Royal I chose ‘Bluebell’ and ‘Lapis’. I do like royal but I had the lapis and it’s not quite as dark.

Yarn for blanket

Now the inspiration for this blanket is a combination of my last two blankets: the African squares one and the Celtic Knot Granny blanket.

2 blankets and picture

So lately, when it was too dark for making cushion squares, I decided to make a sampler as I had not finalised how I was going to join the squares.

I made this.

first sample

And to get a better idea without more work, I used the computer to produce augmented sample

It looked promising but I wasn’t happy with how I was joining the squares so I took it apart, decided I would make a few more squares and produces this.

enlarged sample

I was working very quickly with oddments of yarn so it wasn’t perfect but I was happy with the method this time.

So I again used the computer to get an even better idea.

computer augmented enlarged sample

You might think that was that but no! I decided that I wasn’t sure that I liked the multi-colour granny squares as much as the African Flower hexagons.

African violet hexagons

So using the idea of my eightfold flower squares from my Flower Cloth

Flower cloth

but leaving our the fifth round, I made a four colour square.

Seen here in comparison to a plain granny square, just to check it was exactly the same size.

square size comparison

This is what I will use when I get that far.

However, I have my plans all ready.


Just need to finish that cushion cover. Though I also have an idea for another smaller blanket that may become more urgent.



6 thoughts on “Vague Whispers of a Blanket

  1. ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ I love your usage of colors. You create nice projects. I like the eightfold flower squares. The computer-generated blocks remind me of quilting. A gal with a good-sized yarn stash and several WIPs ~ an avid crocheter. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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