Have I been doing it wrong?

Or should it be wrongly?

Joining Granny Squares as you go is what I am referring to.

Years ago when I made my first blanket which was the hexagon blanket.

Lucy's crochet hexagons joined

I found the pattern on Lucy’s Attic24 blog and joined them as instructed.

I can see that when I created my own hexagon pattern I joined them in the same way.my crochet hexagons joined

I joined the squares of my flowers squares blanket similarly.

my flower squares joined
This will enlarge

Years later when thinking of joining the squares of my Celtic Granny Blanket

Celtic Knot Granny blanket on bedall I remembered was that the chain between the groups of three trebles (US dcs) became a slip stitch into the 1ch gap of the square to which it was being joined. So since this join was being done from the right side I placed wrong sides together, the yarn in my left hand above the squares and worked round the last side or two as necessary. This meant inserting the hook through the chain gap of the other square effectively from below.

However I was having fun reading blogs that claimed to share twelve ways to join Granny Squares or similar and I somehow found myself watching a YouTube video about joining granny squares with the afore mentioned slip stitches, only to discover that the person in question when creating a slip stitch was inserting her hook into the other square from above rather than below.

What I realised watching this, was not only that it looked very awkward but that it produced a join with a different appearance. One that is maybe less noticeable.

However if does appear to be the method I had followed originally.

I did manage to find another video that showed someone using my more recent method but because of the difference in appearance I was not sure which was best.

The earlier method produces a stitch that looks from the right side of the second square a bit like a little T

T shaped stitches

whereas my more recent method produces a stitch that looks more like a V.

V shaped stitches

Now I am planning a new blanket that uses granny type squares and I am wondering which method to use.

Doing some research I found a totally different method from Edie Eckman – I have her book  –Edie Eckman bookwhere she drops the loop when making the join and then pulls it through. The result looks closer to my more recent V method but at an angle.

What do you think? Which is best? Is there a right and wrong way?


19 thoughts on “Have I been doing it wrong?

  1. My favorite method of joining regular squares is to place right sides together and single crochet into the back loops only of each. It keeps the right side of the work flat while creating a small ridge on the back. It does NOT give a noticeable color pop, though, and sometimes I really want a bold and unifying color to be seen from the front. I think that different methods of joins each acheive a certain look or texture. Chose what looks and feels correct to you. You might also play around with trying different methods on smaller projects? I love the look you got on the hexagon squares, by the way. And I think the “T” shape gives more definition to each flower petal on the African square better than the “V” shape does… Hugs!

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    1. It’s interesting isn’t it that there are so many little differences in how people work with crochet. Thanks for the opinion that the T way looks better. No one else has given me an opinion so far.


    1. Join as you go is my favourite method but it only works for granny squares or ones with a similar outside edge. I must admit sewing is my least favourite as I am not very good at sewing but some shapes are best that way.

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  2. I don’t think there’s ever a right or a wrong way, there are just lots of different ways.

    I prefer the Lucy JAYGO method – I too learnt that one years ago from her and although I’ve tried others I do like the look of the join. The v works but isn’t as unnoticeable. (That’s a clumsy word, but you know what I mean.)

    I have the book, but can’t think what you mean. I’ll have to check when home.

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        1. Yes, I did but the book was not connected directly. Just I thought people might have heard of her and the book cover might jog their memories. I found her method here – https://www.edieeckman.com/2019/08/15/join-as-you-go-crochet-flat-join/
          When writing academic essays I found it fascinating that if something came from a published book it had some weight but if I wanted to quote something my auntie told me it would be considered irrelevant.


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