At Last it is Finished!

I have finally finished my poncho. Just in time to be able to wear it for my walk with friends on Southampton Common on Friday, as the weather has become so unseasonably warm. (I finished it last Wednesday.)

myself wearing the poncho

It is very comfy to wear and could do well in the winter as an extra layer as well as the summer. I am glad I could buy the extra cake as it is now the size I had in mind when I started it. I find the pattern quite delightful and am very glad I chose it. So all in all a very happy outcome.

I didn’t have enough yarn to add the extra rows for the border that are included in the shawl pattern but actually I think it is probably better with this simple scalloped edge of the last three rows of the basic pattern.

Here is the front laid flat.

front of poncho

and the back.

back of poncho

Hard to tell the difference. Just those extra more green popcorns on the left about a third way down.

In the end there was very little yarn left of the second cake when I got to the end.

yarn comparison

The smaller ball is what was left, compared to what I cut off the old cake when I started the new one.

I had wondered if I would need to use some of that cut off yarn but was pleased that I didn’t as that meant just four ends to sew in.

I am now ready to get working on my next large project which is a new blanket and pattern.

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