It’s my 10 year Blog Anniversary!

On 22nd March 2012 I published my first post.

It’s crazy that I am still posting and amazing all the things that I have shared with you since then. I thought I would celebrate this event by creating a few WordPress Galleries of my more frequent makes.

Another way to explore what I have shared over the years is through the Monthly Montage option in the menu at the top.

Crochet is my first love and I think the crochet items that make me happiest are blankets.

In March 2012, I shared this sneak peak of a blanket with you.

peak at blanket And in May I shared the finished item.

Hexagon blanket on bed

The pattern was one I found on Lucy’s Attic24 blog but with my choice of colours and arrangement.

I have since gone on to create ten more blankets and two ‘cloths’, eight of them being from my own patterns.

Clicking on any photo will bring it up full size. The chronological order in these galleries is down each column starting on the left.

However I can also knit and tend to find that knitting is generally more appropriate for clothing.

The single item that I have created most of have been socks. It wasn’t until July that year that I made and shared my first pair of socks.

kilt socks

These were made because of a request but since then I have made many more, most have been for myself but some are presents and I also made myself a pair of bedsocks.

There are lots of other things I have made from my own and other people’s patterns. Often several in each of the following categories: Animals, Bags and Bookmarks, Coasters, Cowls and Cushions, Hats and Hook cases, Jumpers and Succulents.

All the following used other people’s patterns but I chose the colours and sometimes made adapted them. I have chosen my favourites of each category.

I have also shared other crafts and recipes, photographs and even poems. There are links to the recipe, photograph and poem posts in the menu at the top.

Right from the start I was creating my own patterns and In January the following year (2013) someone asked permission to share my Granny Ripple pattern on Ravelry. She called it ‘Soft Granny Ripple’ to distinguish it from the more common pattern that I tend to call a Granny Zig-zag.

Soft Granny Ripple part blanket

I created a cross bookmark pattern in Spring 2013 to use on some Easter cards.

Easter cards

I later shared the pattern on the blog and for a while made them for my church to sell for parish funds.

cross bookmarks packed to sell

It was in 2015 that my love of Celtic designs was kindled and I created a few patterns.

early Celtic designsThen in 2017 I created some more: developing the bookmark, cross and coaster designs.

developed Celtic designs

As time went by I shared more patterns and found that my Cross bookmark pattern and Celtic Coaster pattern were particular popular, if visits to the pages can be a measure of this. So in May 2017 I decided to set up a business and to sell some of my patterns on Ravelry. You can see many of them in the sidebar on the right.

Some of my patterns are still free and for a few I have even created entries on Ravelry.

Like the one for my Granny Circle that seems particularly popular and was, in fact, the first crochet pattern that I created.

granny circle table centre

I don’t want to make this post too long so I will just finish by saying

Thank You

to all my followers for your interest and interaction over the years, as also to anyone who has left a comment. I always love to hear  from people and do try to respond to all of them.


21 thoughts on “It’s my 10 year Blog Anniversary!

  1. Well done Jane. I really enjoy your adventures and projects. Keep up the good work. Glad you are enjoying them too.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, but there although it needs patience there is also something very soothing about slowly progressing through a blanket and always having something that is already started to work on. 🙂 Well that is how I find it.


      1. I just made an Easter bunny pattern and now making a toadstool, I prefer to find something unique as repetition is something I am not not good at! I admire your dedication as I said they look fantastic!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. i am the epitome of patience! its the repetition that i am lost at! i love to set challenges, gardening, growing, dancing, singing, masters in everything but i fit it by family and their calendar!

            Liked by 1 person

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