Back to the Poncho

After my digression last Monday concerning an outing I had had, this week we are back to the next repeat of the poncho.

Unfortunately when I had got that far the lighting was very bad but, as I wished to continue with the making, I decided to do the best I could.

The yellow seems to have got a bit lost but I think you can get the general idea.

This is the front. The change from orange/yellow to yellow/green took place just over the shoulder on the left of the photograph

poncho front

and the green on the right is darker than that on the left but nothing to majorly disrupt the sense of symmetry. I am big on symmetry.

As you can see the colour change that took two repeats at the beginning now only spans one.

And here is the back.poncho back

There are two rows of ‘more yellow’ scallops and only one of ‘more green’ on one side and only one of ‘more yellow’ and two of ‘more green’ on the other but it doesn’t really draw the eye.

To keep things neat, I finished the purple at the mid back point rather than at the end of the cake. so I was left with a small ball that was not quite enough for a full round.ball of yarn

But it may come in handy if I run out of the purple near the end.

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