I Think I am Beginning to Understand!

Why my poncho is turning out a little differently to what I had expected.

When I bought the original yarn from Hobbii. I now realise the 100% cotton yarn I am presently using is on the right, not the left as previously stated. (I have corrected the earlier post.)

I remember now that I had intended the ball on the left to be for the poncho as it seemed closest to the yarn Neko used for her poncho.

However having made the Spiderdream top for my daughter from a Scheepjes Whirl.

and knowing that I wanted mine to have an extra round. 

I thought that it would be safer to use the Cotton/acrylic Twirl for this and leave the other for the poncho.

I now realise that this Twirl was not only 250g, rather than 200g, but because cotton/acrylic is lighter weight that 100% cotton that it was 1000m instead of 800m.

I now see that the Poncho instructions list the yarn as Hobbii Twister 270g 1100m and she needed another 20g of another yarn.

If you also imagine that, inspite of the 3-3.5mm hook size quoted in the poncho version, that a larger hook has been used (or much more loosely crocheted.) Then a larger garment from four rounds makes sense. For my crochet style that might have meant a 5-6mm hook.

In the event. Having used a 4.5mm hook for the Spiderdream top it seemed a suitable size for the poncho and given the fact that the yarn is not plied I think using a large hook would have been tricky.

Interestingly the yarn has been renamed – although it appears to be the same yarn, the name was ‘Twirls’ it is now called ‘Sultan’ and there is a plied version called ‘Sultan Deluxe’ that is about twice as expensive.

So how is it going?

Here it was up to the third repeat.

I have continued beyond this and decided that as an alternative, if it fitted better with the amount of yarn available, the round that consists of alternative popcorns and trebles would make an acceptable edging.

However the new cake has come so I can finish a fourth round and show you more next week.


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