Getting There! or am I?

I have now completed the third repeat of the pattern.third repeat

Unfortunately, having weighed the garment and the remaining yarn, by my calculation there is not enough yarn left for a full fourth repeat. Had I had the extra 10g to make it up to the 200g promised, I think I would have had enough which I found very frustrating.

I decided that it might be worth using a similar weight yarn with a similar finish (though almost certainly not exactly the same) to work the extra couple of rounds that would probably be needed.

I found that I didn’t have a suitable yarn in a suitable colour in my stash and it didn’t seem possible to buy a suitable yarn locally. The trouble with on-line purchases is that you can’t be sure of the colour.

Feeling a bit low, I decided to go back to Hobbii, although I doubted they would have small balls in this sort of yarn. Much to my surprise I discovered that they were selling exactly the same yarn as I was using at about 60% off and worked out that although the postage is rather high (Hobbii being in Denmark) that I could still buy another cake of the yarn at less than the full price.

Now I had already decided that the photographs of the shawl and the poncho had appeared a lot larger and that the poncho was not going to be quite the size I had expected, so I decided to buy another cake of the yarn and am waiting for it to come while I start on the fourth repeat.

I calculate that that should be enough to add a fifth and sixth repeat and maybe the border that is given for the shawl.

Of course this means it will take twice as long to finish but since I am enjoying the making that is not a problem. It is planned as a Summer garment and I have plenty of time before the summer.

I will have to find somewhere else to photograph it though!

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