I’m Having Fun!

I have now completed the second repeat.

two repeats

As you can imagine, my favourite sorts of project involve rainbow colours that unfold in the standard order.

I did make another mistake that could have been avoided, if I had only bothered to take advantage of the list telling me how many stitches there were for each round for the first two repeats of the poncho version. The only problem is that I am looking at the pdfs on my tablet in Google Play and you can only have one open at a time and switching between them is such a faff that I was just working from the shawl pattern.

But the pattern is such a joy to work that I didn’t mind too much. Even working innumerable popcorn stitches where you have to remove the hook all the time, is quite soothing if you are not in a hurry.

There are four colour strands to the yarn and they change one at a time, so you go from more red than orange to half and half red and orange to more orange than red for instance. The colour changes have all occurred on the back of the poncho but aren’t very noticeable anyway, until I got to yellow/green.

green in second repeat at back

I suppose that it is because red, orange and yellow are warm colours and green, blue and violet are cool colours that it stands out so much. However I expect it won’t be quite so glaringly obvious when the green section is complete. As I said, it is on the back anyway.

Weighing the poncho at each stage makes me think that I might just have enough to finish a fourth repeat but it will be close. Would have been more likely if I had had those extra 10g!

13 thoughts on “I’m Having Fun!

    1. The yarn is Cotton Kings Twirls (Galaxy Opal) from Hobbi and is probably not strictly speaking variegated yarn in that it changes colour because it is a mixture of different colour strands and the changes occur because the individual strands change colour at different points.

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    1. Well I wouldn’t have been confident to try but finding someone else’s instructions to follow seemed ideal. Having tried it on it is a little close fitting over the shoulders and maybe more increases early on would have been better but then I wouldn’t have had so much yarn for the length.

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  1. Ooh is looking lovely. I think your right that the change to green will look less obvious when the rest of the green has been added.


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