No More Tunisian Crochet?

My daughter likes the look of the hood but we do need to check that it fits. I added a few more rows to what I think should be about right but if necessary will undo part and redo.

I have now finished all the Tunisian crochet needed for the coat for my daughter.

I can’t claim that it is perfect. The annoying thing about Tunisian crochet is that if you miss picking up a loop on the forward pass you end up having to remove all the subsequent loops to correct the mistake. I seemed to do this often, especially if the programme I was watching became exciting! This meant that when doing the return pass I just ploughed on and didn’t double check that I hadn’t made any mistakes. I thought that the nature of the yarn that made checking so difficult would hide any minor imperfections. I had problems with the decreasing too at first but had pretty much got it sussed by the end.

(The following photographs are ones I took quickly on dull winter days to send to my daughter to show her how things were going.)

I last showed you the coat with one of the kite shaped panels completed.

coat in SeptemberThis was in September before I had a bit of a break to let my shoulder recover. I think that I now am managing to put less strain on the shoulder as I get more confident.

I decided to tackle one of the front panels next with a different part of the colour sequence.

front panel

This having been approved. I then went on to the second side panel (the first can be seen on the right) and then the back panel on the same side of the coat and sent a photo of all three panels so she could see how they went together. The plan had been to make the corresponding panels roughly symmetrical.

all three different panels

That is from left to right: front, side, back.

Just two more to go!

When I had completed the second back panel I sent this to show how the two panels were similar but slightly different.

both back panels

Just one to go!

When I had completed the final front panel I photographed the front and back of the coat hanging up.


coat front with panels

and back.
coat back with panels

Now all there was left to do was the hood and the Tunisian crochet part would all be completed.


I didn’t cut the yarn in case my daughter would prefer a different colour mix or the hood didn’t fit.

Here is how the back looks when hanging up.

back of coat showing hood

So no more Tunisian crochet unless the size of the hood needs adjusting. So the seam has been joined with some red DK yarn that will be easy to remove. I haven’t sewn in any of the ends yet either.

The coat is not yet finished but the rest of the crochet will be with a normal hook.

If you want to be reminded of how the final coat will differ from the above, here is a link to the pattern page on Ravelry –

10 thoughts on “No More Tunisian Crochet?

    1. I wouldn’t have embarked on the project if I hadn’t been enraptures by the design. It is only Tunisian Simple Stitch which is quite straightforward. There is no way I would have attempted it if it had involved the Tunisian Knit Stitch.


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