Christmas Crochet

I also crocheted a small item for my daughter and one for my granddaughter.

It may not sound exciting but a long time ago I had crocheted a dish cloth for my son-in-law.

earlier dishcloth

They have a dishwasher but some things have to be hand washed and surfaces have to be cleaned. I think he must have been the person who mentioned wanting a dishcloth.

It was quite a thick dish cloth made with dishcloth cotton (like my own original ones) and thus not easy to dry out, as a dishcloth needs to do so as not to get smelly.

They now needed a new one and my daughter had mentioned this to me.

When I looked for what remained of the Sirdar Beachcomber cotton that I now prefer for dishcloths, as although it does not last as long as the standard sort it is much easier to ensure that the dishcloth dries out over night, I found that I had some part balls.

So I made this.


I decided to pack it in the box I had made during the Crochet Retreat.

box and dishcloth

My granddaughter likes to play Dungeons and Dragons with her friends and I know she had wanted to make a dice bag but had found crocheting in the round more tricky that crocheting flat items. So I decided that I would try and make her a dice bag.

I still had some of my Aran (US-Worsted) weight cotton yarn that I had bought to make my hot pad.

hot pad

So I decided to use that.

I wasn’t sure what was the best size but by looking at other people’s patterns and ones for sale, I decided on what I thought would be an acceptable size and made this.

dice bag

One of the dice bags I had seen converted into a dice tray and I thought that would be something that would be fun to make.

This is how it looks as a dice tray.

folded as dice tray

Since all you need to make is a cylinder I settled down to create something.

In case anyone is interested in making something similar, I give a rough idea of a pattern for a similar one at the end of this post.

Having made all the presents. These two, and the two from the earlier post, I packed them up ready to give.

presents packed

My daughter was pleased that they now had a new dishcloth and my granddaughter was very happy with her dice bag.

Rough Pattern for D&D Dice Bag come Dice Tray

This one was made in Aran (US – Worsted) weight cotton. This creates a fairly rigid dice tray.

The recommended (your normal) size hook for the chosen yarn or slightly smaller should be fine.

Start with eight htrs (US-hdcs) into a loop.

Then increase for seven more rounds in the normal pattern of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64.

Right side is the top of the base.

Now work the sides using trebles (US-htrs). Right side is outside.

First round is worked into the back loops only to make a good straight side.

Then work another four more rounds.

You now create the place where the side will fold down outwards by working in the front loops only for one round.

Then work another four rounds to match with the lower part.

Crochet a long chain and thread under and over at four stitch intervals in third round down. Tie ends to form tassel.

After pulling cord tight, folding around and pulling under loop makes it extra secure.

dice bad tied up

When playing: game bag can be opened out and top folded down outside to make a dice tray.

dice tray

Clearly size can be altered to suit by working more or less rounds for the base and more or less for the sides. Total number of rounds for the sides would obviously always be an even number because of the folding over.

Have Fun!

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