An Old Year – A New Year!

Some of you may have noticed that I had a bit of a break in December. Did my wrists good but now I am hoping to get back to more regular posting.

Looking back at things that were completed in 2021.

2021 finished makes

There was less variety and less new items than in 2020.

2020 finished makes

I seem to have created more photograph and food related posts to make up the difference, especially food!

2021 Food

I made a few presents that you can see on the left below: two cacti/succulent arrangements and a 50th birthday present card. A little bit of knitting: a hat and pair of socks. The crochet mittens I made from the Crochet Retreat are there too.

2021 finished makes

But one of my main endeavours concerned adding the hexaflexagon to my other flexy makes and creating some new ones and putting them all together into an ebook.

Of course another most important project was the crochet blanket for my granddaughter that was much appreciated.

Along the way I turned some of Eleanor’s coasters into some Summer Bunting, adding a few variations of my own to complete the set.

Had I not decided that my wrists/shoulder needed a bit of a rest after my first foray into Tunisian crochet, I might have had one more finished object in the coat I am making for my daughter.

Tunisian crochet coat so far

I have picked this up again and am completing the inserted panels at present. I can see a post on how these are going in the future.

There will also be a post on the few crochet items I allowed myself to make as Christmas presents.

So I shall just end by wishing you all.


Very Happy New Year


14 thoughts on “An Old Year – A New Year!

  1. Happy New Year RJ.
    I am glad your wrists allowed you to make some presents.
    That coat looks spectacular – I can’t believe you are doing it in Tunisian crochet – I couldn’t get on with it, even though I found the process fascinating.
    Here’s to much more creative fun in 2022.

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