Another pair complete

Although I have other, possibly more important, projects that I would like to be working on, somehow I have been more in the mood for tying up the ends of earlier small projects.

So I finally sat down to complete the second mitten from the crochet retreat.

I showed you the first one

wearing one mitten

and here is the pair.

both mittens

Interestingly both mittens are identical. I don’t know if you can see the line of three chains that come up between the fan shapes above the place where I obviously didn’t sew the end in too well on the mitten on the left.

Being fond of symmetry, I did think at one point of rejigging the pattern to make them symmetrical and to have that section on the palm of the mittens but when it came to it it, it was much simpler (and safer) to follow the pattern as written. Though when I made the first one, I realised that I should have maybe used a larger hook because the mitten was not going to be wide enough to fit round my hand above the thumb so I fudged it a bit and added an extra fan above the thumb. of course I repeated this for the second one.

I think maybe you can see that when I made my yellow hat and mittens I did make a separate pattern for the left and right mittens.

yellow hat and mittens

Although I have quite a number of knitted and crocheted hats. This hat and the matching mittens seems to be my go to choice in these Covid dominated times.

My Rainbow mittens, that I published as a free pattern on my blog is based on the same pattern.
rainbow mittens

I didn’t have enough yarn to make the yellow ones longer but these stretch nicely down the wrist. Helping to keep the hands warm.

13 thoughts on “Another pair complete

    1. If you mean the ones I designed. They are very cosy because the front post and back post stitches make them thick. I haven’t worn the new ones out but the lacy nature may hold the air and make them cosy. They are certainly pretty.


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