Really Puzzled

Does anyone understand how WordPress following settings work?

There are times when I choose the Tag ‘crochet’ and look through all the posts tagged with crochet and sometimes find new blogs to follow that way.

Today I looked at crochet blogs only to find a post from someone that I thought I was following, It even said ‘Following’ on the screen but it was not in my ‘Followed Sites’ feed and when I went into the ‘Manage’ section it had three options that were off and I couldn’t change them.

However there was another site that I regularly look at and appears in my feed, where the same three options were all off though they were changeable.

I found other sites were the options were off that I could change so I changed the top one “Notify me of new posts” not sure what difference that makes since I was getting the other site in my feed with that option off.

I feel annoyed to think of all the posts I may have missed.


19 thoughts on “Really Puzzled

  1. Not sure I understand the question let alone have an answer. However I am periodically surprised that I seem to have lost some blogs I follow. I just assume I did something wrong and inadvertently pressed an erroneous key! Sure someone will know the answer. Rachel maybe?

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  2. WordPress is a law unto itself… sometimes it makes me log on to leave a comment, even though I’m already logged on. Sometimes it won’t let me like a post. Sometimes it unfollows me from a blog I’ve been following for ages. I have given up trying to understand it.

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  3. What I think I know is : WordPress, like all other social media sites, have become focussed on selling/advertising and that is all they are really interested in. All the changes they make are squewed towards people who want to make money from their sites, or from selling from their sites.
    Those of us who gently bumble along, writing a Diary Blog and selling just a few items from links to other sites are of no interest to them – therefore our priorities do not feature in the changes they make.

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    1. I think the blog in question this time may have been a WordPress one but had it’s own URL. The only non-Wordpress blog I follow seems to show up but I have had all sorts of problems in the past. It seems vigilance is the only answer.

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  4. I don’t use WordPress, I use Bloglovin’ to follow my favourites. The app isn’t going anymore here, but the system of emailing when blogs you follow have new posts is very good. It means I don’t open the website/or app as I used to and have a list of lots of new posts. That can make me feel overwhelmed. I now just read whatever grabs me as I go, when the email comes in. Might be worth a try if you fancy following non-WordPress blogs.

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