Well it almost worked!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was toying with the idea of seeing if it was possible to make a hexa-hexaflexagon. (Even if you haven’t met these before I expect you can guess that this is a six sided version of my Hexy Flex (tri-hexaflexagon).

Well in the meantime, having got far enough on the Tunisian crochet coat, I have had a few aches and pains that have led to me being very careful and not wanting to do much in the way of crochet or knitting.

So when I felt I just had to do a bit of crochet I have been making triangles.

A hexa-hexaflexagon needs eighteen triangles. (A tri-hexaflexagon needs nine). I decided that it would only work in crochet if I made the triangles single thickness instead of double thickness. (I expect you can see that this actually meant making the same number of crochet triangles as before.) Not so much opportunity for interesting design perhaps but still worth an experiment.

I did start by trying to understand how different designs would work together and whether you could create anything interesting, as I showed you,

but in the end I decided to just use three colours so that each of the primary sides (1-3) would be a different colour, since I didn’t even know if the idea would work.

I used some green, blue and plum colour that I had going spare.

Here are all eighteen triangles.

all the triangles

Here are the triangle all edged and laid out ready to be joined.

triangles in order

When the triangles are joined for a hexa-hexaflexagon you have to roll them up.

joined and rolled

The next bit was very tricky but I eventually manged to fold them as needed and join the ends.

The problem was that when showing sides one, two or three in pairs (one each side) the arrangement was very loose.

the hexa-hexaflexagon side three.

This was what I thought of as side three.

It was very tricky to manipulate it to show sides four, five or six. So no good as a flexy fun thing.

However I did manage it with effort, so I will show you.

This is side four.

side four

and when this is one side, the other side looks like this.

side one other side of four

which is one of the (three) arrangements of side one. Of course they are all this Sage green.

This is side five.

side five

and side six look like this.

side six

when side two (blue) is the other side but like this

other version of six

when side three (plum) is the other side.

Well it’s kept me busy the last couple of weeks. I ought to start some knitting but might wait a few days.

6 thoughts on “Well it almost worked!

  1. Thank you for the links. I tried to make a paper one as a birthday card for my 12 year old maths wizard grandson, but I could not work out how to twist and turn it. If you know of any You Tube clips of the actual movement of these brain-aching little devils I would be glad of a link!

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