More Flexy Fun

Recently I wanted to make a birthday card for a 50th birthday and as I was still thinking ‘Flexy’ I decided to create a crochet Hexaflexagon to add to the card.

hexaflexagon on cardBecause the idea is to remove the hexaflexagon and play with it, I printed a photo of it underneath.

card front and back

The high cost of ink for an inkjet printer means that I now have a monochrome laser printer and so the colour has been added by hand with coloured pencils.

The inside.

card inside

The message is a clue to what they will find when they have a play.

(The recipient understood the nature of a hexaflexagon.)

And this is what there was to find.

message to find

There are three sides and two arrangements of each side. So I was half hoping they would find the disarranged version first, to add to the fun.

Here you can see a diagram of how you can move from one view to another.

moving from side to side

Left and right views are opposite sides at any stage, the up and down arrows show how you can flex from one view to the other. you can alternate between three sides at a time indefinitely.

I am thinking of adding the pattern for the Hexaflexagon and creating an ebook.

possible ebook cover


14 thoughts on “More Flexy Fun

    1. Unlike my other flexy patterns where I have chosen my own name for them. This is known as a Hexaflexagon or maybe a tri-hexaflexagon as there are different ones. They can be easily made in paper and there are several places where you can download a template to make one. I will be writing more about them in future.


  1. Help, I’m confused. Once I have 18 triangles (6 each of 3 colors), then the edging… am I edging them together as pillows 2 back to back of the same color???? or different colors? or edging them individually?
    I’ve ordered the rainbow colors, but wanted to crochet up a sample, so I could see what I’m doing.

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    1. I am confused. If you have the pattern, I don’t see why you are making 6 each of three colours. I don’t give that as an option but if you are making your own version then it is up to you. Are the pictures not clear enough?


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