Free Flowers & Focaccia

The Flowers

I went to Waitrose this morning to do a bit of shopping for things I need before my next delivery on the

As I was packing my rucksack and about to leave, an assistant came up to me and asked if I would like some free flowers, so of course I said “Yes”.

flowers in rucksack
Obviously this photo was taken after I had come home.

There was a label telling me what a good idea it was to have bought these flowers.

labelsWell I didn’t pay for them but presumably Waitrose had done so. The yellow label peeping out, top left, suggests that they had tried to sell them at a reduced price but still had these left.

They look lovely on my dining table.

roses on table

They may not last very long but I will enjoy them while they do.

The Focaccia

I had made some chicken soup the day before and fancied some bread to go with it, so thought I would try making some focaccia. A quick look on the internet followed by a look in a couple of my bread recipe books, showed a bewildering variety of ways of achieving this.

Some made it on a baking sheet and some in a shallow tin, they all used sea salt sprinkled on the top and I didn’t have any of that but, rather that abandon the idea, I sprinkled a little cooking salt on top and decided that if I really liked it. and wanted to make it again, that I might invest in some sea salt.

I decided to just use the poking in pieces of rosemary version as my rosemary has been producing lots of new shoots lately.

I made it with a mixture of wholemeal and white flour even though all the versions I saw looked as if they had been made with just white flour and hoped for the best.

Here it is fresh from the oven.

focaccia fresh from oven

Then oiled and cut

focaccia oiled and cut

and on a plate.

slices on a plage

Yum. Had to resist having another slice. Still more this evening with the soup!

8 thoughts on “Free Flowers & Focaccia

    1. Yes, I don’t buy flowers in general because I am still in ‘poverty’ mode from my years of struggling to make ends meet but I also have mixed feelings about buying flowers, many of them coming from abroad like that, on the one hand you think of the air miles and on the other that the country may benefit from the income.

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      1. I used to buy fresh flowers every week, had to stop that a couple of years ago. But I’m sure people benefit from the income. I wonder why your supermarket had to give them away? I guess a lot of people around the world are having to tighten their belts.

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  1. I love flakes of Malden salt, and this year my local deli told me about smoked sea salt, which is a total game changer. I bought a small pot, and only need a tiny pinch to give a fabulous smoky undertone to anything. Particularly brilliant replacement for bacon in pasta. #MrG works p/t in Tesco, collecting trollies,and any products past their sell by date that haven’t sold (including flowers) go into the staff room for them to take home. We’ve been very fortunate over the past few years, gaining flowers, plants, groceries and one particularly fabulous week two whole salmon! Lovely to hear Waitrose are sharing with their customers though.

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