Monthly Montage – July

In July, apart from my normal monthly Montage post, I had three posts about cooking, three posts about crobhet and two posts about my apple tree.

Crochet first.

I published my latest pattern for a thing that I call a Hexatetraflex. I had made the standard version and a slightly more ambitious version that gave a kaleidoscopic effect when flexed. I also had two posts about the coat I am making for my daughter. Only one photograph because the photographs for the first post are not very interesting, out of context. The one below shows the sleeve and the beginnings of the front and back.

July montageThe three posts about different things I had cooked concerned, banana bread with added coconut and some healthy coconut cookies: both made to use up some desiccated coconut and a fougasse: a sort of bread made in France.

The other two posts were about my discovering that my apple tree had managed to produce two apples after all. Of course I couldn’t resist adding in a few flower photographs at the same time.

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