I Made some Fougasse

For a long time now I have been wanting to make the recipe for Fougasse that came in my Magimix Food Processor recipe book. Just never quite found the right moment. But yesterday I decided that the time had come.

Recipe is HERE and the picture is the one in my book but the 100g of pitted olives has been left out of the ingredients list. It also says “de sel garniture” for salt.

Fougasse is apparently the French version of Focaccia. Well they would choose it over focaccia: Magimix being a French company.

When I looked on-line there were lots of pictures of the bread with cuts in so that it looked like a leaf but there was nothing about that in the recipe book (and it did have pictures), so I decided to make it just as the recipe said.

However there was a snag. Only five olives. Normally I have olives and buy more before I finish the jar and there are more coming but not till Friday. The recipe said 100g of pitted olives, that is about 25 olives by my reckoning.

But wanting to strike while the iron is hot, as they say; I decided to go ahead anyway.

The recipe did say you could use cheese instead of olives so I made the dough in my food processor and gathered together some thyme from the garden,


some grated cheese,

grated cheese

and sliced the olives to make them go further.

sliced olives

when the dough was ready, I spread it out on paper on a baking sheet and added the filling.

filling spread

When I read the next instruction, I realised that I should have only place the filling on one half but since I had to fold it over, it didn’t seem to make much difference.

So I folded it over and brushed it with oil.

ready for the oven

Then in the oven to cook.


It did come out thicker than the photographs but there hadn’t been any instructions as to how big it should be when rolled out, only a photograph. They must have a very large baking tray!

I sliced it through and it looked fine.

slices on a plate

I had made some dahl for lunch but another thing I had run out of was rice, so I decided to have the bread with the dahl.

And how did I find it?

Well I felt it had cooked just right but there was only a slight flavour of olives (of course) and I couldn’t taste the cheese even though it was mature cheddar. The thyme was also not very obvious.

I also prefer wholemeal or half and half bread. White bread seems very bland to me these days.

So next time, more olives and I will use at least half wholemeal bread flour.

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