More apple tales and garden flowers

I hadn’t intended to post anything today because I thought more about the coat would be boring and I didn’t really have much else to show you.

However the weather was perfect for gardening this morning so I went out to pick up the dead leaves round the apple tree.

Now, I bought the apple tree online because my local garden centre didn’t have the variety I wanted. I am not sure if this was a good idea really as you don’t get to see it before you buy and in this case in the middle of the first summer, the leaves started turning yellow and falling off. I did some research and worked out what was causing it (though I can’t remember exactly now – something like a fungal infection I think). So ever since then when the leaves turn yellow and fall off I remove them from beneath he tree. This means I now have far less of a problem.

However looking at the tree just now I can see it has probably got a few issues, including some strange looking insects, probably down to the wet summer we have been having. I took a few photos but in the end decided to spare you.

Another thing though, that I think is strange, is that the tree is putting forth new leaves.

new leaves


I found another apple.

little apple

Smaller than it looks in the photo and not going to provide me with something to eat I suspect, even if it lasts till Autumn.

Of course having taken my camera out I just had to take a few photographs of the flowers.

Especially as my one clematis that did not provide much in the way of flowers this Spring (maybe because I cut it back in the winter) has now started to flower.

So here are the clematis flowers showing the whole sequence of development.

First you get these lovely elongated buds.

clematis bud

that gradually open

clematis opening

then the petals start to curl outwards

clematis spreading

until they spread wide.

clematis fully open

and you can see inside.

Another clematis that shares the same space, that did provide many flowers earlier now has seed heads.
clematis seed head

Of course I can never resist photographing the fuchsia.fuchsia

As I have probably remarked before, to me they always look like dancers.

2 fuchsia dancers

My small patio rose has given me a good show this year but at present there is just one flower left.rose

And to include a little bit of crafting:

the weather last week, with its almost too abundant sunshine, made me realise that I ought to take advantage of it and do some more of my cross stitch bookmark.

I think this was the last time I showed you.

cross stitch then

Now I am starting on the blue tits.

Interestingly, sitting working on the cross stitch behind my light coloured curtains, I discovered that the light was even better than being outside because it gave me the brightness without the glare.

I have given up trying to be a perfectionist and abandoned my magnifying glass on the basis that if I couldn’t see that the stitches were not perfect without it then I wouldn’t notice when using it.cross stitch now

So I won’t be giving you a close up magnified view!


5 thoughts on “More apple tales and garden flowers

  1. Your Apple will put on water shoots and depending on the variety, whether a early or late flowered, it’s how you prune them that produces the apples. Similar with the clematis, they have different pruning needs too. Worth looking up as you may be cutting off or not stimulating next years flowers.

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    1. Yes I take off the water shoots. I think it is because the tree produced so many apples last year that meant less this year. I am encouraged by the fact it must have produced at least two blossoms even though I didn’t see them. I had just been disappointed not to see blossom this year when last year it was smothered, so pretty!

      Liked by 1 person

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