I found an apple under my tree!

You may remember my sadness that my apple tree had no blossom this year. I had at one point thought I saw a blossom but when I looked closer I couldn’t see it.

Then this morning when opening an upstairs window I looked out at the garden and thought that I could see an apple under the tree. At first I thought that it must be a joke but who could or would get into the garden to do this? So that rather ruled it out.

So I came down stairs to investigate.

apple under treeAs you can see the apple tree is absolutely covered in large green leaves.

apple tree

Often I have looked at it this summer rather regretfully.

But no! it really was an apple.

apple on the ground

Of course it is much too early and rather green (but definitely a Cox)

apple closer

but still it seemed a blessing on the day.



6 thoughts on “I found an apple under my tree!

    1. Well last year the tree was so covered with apples that no only did a lot drop off, I had to remove some so the rest would grow bigger. I didn’t even know this one was there. It has been very hot and dry the last few days so maybe that was why it came off.

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