A Healthy Cookie?

When I made the Coconut Banana Bread it was more to use up the desiccated coconut that the bananas. However, when I was searching for recipes to get an idea of how much coconut to add to my original recipe, I came across a recipe for a cookie which was just banana and coconut, so I set aside another banana to make some.

eight cookiesMaybe a little over cooked but tasted fine with a cup of coffee.

cookie and mug of coffee

Here is what the inside looked like.

inside of cookie

The eight cookies I made were a little thicker than the picture I saw, which may mean I should have used US cups rather than UK cups but they were fine like this.

The banana I used was a little bigger than the the one in the only version that suggested a weight of banana and I used a little over the 3/4 cup of desiccated coconut which meant I have now used it all up.

3/4 cup is about 3oz.

One version suggested adding cinnamon or vanilla or chocolate chips, so I added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon.

Ever so quick with a food processor. Just puree the banana then add the coconut and flavourings and pulse a few times.

Tablespoonfuls on some greaseproof on a baking sheet. I greased the greaseproof with a bit of butter and they came off okay so maybe I would have been okay with just a baking sheet. Pressed the mixture down to about 1/4 inch.

One recipe I looked at said 20-22 mins another said 17-20, so I looked after 17. Not sure if my oven runs a bit hot (350deg F so I used 170 deg C) or whether it is because it is a fan oven but if I make them again I will look after 15.

They were so nice, I actually ended up eating two! Chewy and the flavour of coconut with a background of banana and spice.

And when you think of it: one banana and 3oz of coconut must equate to something like two of your “Five-a-Day”, so maybe I could have eaten them all if I hadn’t wanted to not spoil my appetite for lunch. Lunch is an apricot and lamb curry and I made it while the cookies were cooking.




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