That other Pattern Published

You can find the pattern on Ravelry here –

This pattern is a sort of companion piece to my Flexacube.

I call it a Hexatetraflex because like the Flexacube it flexes and consist of six (hexa) tetrahedrons in a ring.

Here is a closer view of one side

one side

and what you would see when you turned it over.

other side

The full sequence going round in a circle.

sequence in circle

And the four sides when flat at the top.

sides seen flat

I showed it to you when I first made one and now the pattern is ready and published.

It has the advantage over the Flexacube in that it only needs some toy stuffing or even just a load of yarn ends (if you are one of those people who keep them) to fill the insides.

There is a photo tutorial included although the basic shapes are very easy to construct.

I include diagrams on how it is put together and even one you can print yourself to help choose your own colours.

The only tricky part is fitting the shapes together but full instructions are given.

As a bonus feature for people who are familiar with tapestry crochet, I give details of how I made this one.

other version

When you flex it, (especially if working inwards) it gives an almost kaleidoscopic effect.

Tapestry crochet which is suitable for this as the pattern consists entirely of dcs (US scs) offers the prospect of an almost infinite variety of possible designs.

I find it very soothing to play with, especially if my fingers are restless because I have no knitting or crochet to work on.

Of course when designing it I made a couple in paper to experiment with different ideas.

Flexy things seem to have become my new obsession.

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