A Cluster of Cacti

Well actually, I thing String of Pearls is only a succulent but it alliterated!

Recently I crocheted another three succulents from this book.

pattern book

They are all ones I have made before but I wanted a present for someone and I thought these three would work well together.

the present

They are “Cardon Grande”, “Old Lady Cactus” and “String of Pearls” but I did make the Cardon Grande taller than in the original pattern to give extra height. I also added the flowers of my own design to the Old Lady cactus as I did when I made one for myself.

my cactusI wasn’t sure what to do for a pot as I was going to have to post the present. In the end I found the above at Ikea and they did online delivery so I bought two possibles and chose this one for the present and have the other to add to later, either for myself or another present for someone. I do love these trouble free plants.

Here is a closer look at the present.

closer view

I do have lots more succulents that I want to make for myself but I seem to have got obsessed by flexy things at present and then there is the coat for my daughter. Maybe I need to timetable different sorts of making.

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