Flexacube pattern published

You may remember that when I made this for my daughter.

original cube made

I didn’t think that the pattern I had bought worked as well for crochet as perhaps it did for knitting. It might have been better if I had some foam cubes but the cube edge size was twice as big as I wanted, which I didn’t like either, so I had done a lot of adapting.

You Win Some, You Lose Some!

Later I made her this based on my own ideas

new version of cube

and knew that eventually I would create my own pattern.

My Cubey Twisty Thing

Well I have been working hard to put together a pattern for the style of cube I made but that also gave the possibility for people to choose their own colours.

I had a few small wooden cubes and here you can see the two demo cubes I made

wooden cubes

that were stuck together with sticky tape and embellished with bits of sticky labels, so I could try out colour ideas and pattern ideas and number ideas and generally experiment and get to understand how these cubes worked.

Here is a sequence showing how you go from one cube to another and back again.

flexing sequence

I liked the drama of going from a coloured cube to a black and white one but of course it could have been another multi-coloured one. Hence giving the information needed to choose the colours.

I have called it a “Flexacube”

The pattern is now available on Ravelry –


This is the information provided –


This pattern makes a cube of about 3 inches (7.5mm) across that can be flexed between two different looking cubes round and round indefinitely.

Needs DK weight yarn and hook to achieve correct tension.

Colours of yarns needed as in photographs or choose your own.

As well as yarn it also requires a sheet of 7 point plastic canvas or hard plastic 1″ cubes or similar to support the crochet.

Only small amount of each colour yarn needed.

Features –
No photograph pattern page.
Chart and diagrams.
Photo tutorials.
Full instructions for construction.
Option to choose your own colours.

You can choose between a version with UK crochet terms and one with US crochet terms.

Here is a link to a video I made of the prototype in action. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFDYZdvBoO0/?hl=en-gb


I have priced it at £3.00 which I think is good value given the detail included.

Another pattern in the pipeline

I am also working on a pattern for this.other flexible toy

Again, with enough information for people to make it their own.

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