When you think you’ve bought 5 balls but it’s actually 10!

I’ve promised to make my daughter a coat – This one – https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/priestess-coat

I like many or Regina’s designs but this is especially lovely and in Tunisian Simple stitch which I can just about manage.

But it is in Aran weight yarn and I only have a Tunisian hook for DK yarn, so I needed to buy a new one. In fact I decided I need two because I often need to use a larger hook to achieve the correct tension with ordinary crochet.

I didn’t want to use interchangeables and the only place I could find to buy straight Tunisian hooks that size was Purplelinda.

Now I hate paying postage and so there is always the urge to buy more, and so make it more worthwhile, when you are online.

So I decided to look at the SALE.

One of the things I found was damaged balls where you could get a miscellany of balls of the same yarn at a bargain price.

I had bought some James C Brett ‘Twinkle’ yarn when I was making the crochet paper chains so I was tempted by the thought of buying some more.

5 balls for £5 seemed like a good deal, so I added it to my basket.

When it came However. This is what I got.

10 balls of yarn

I was expecting the bundle on the left that was shown when I bought it. (Should have read the small print!) However the brighter green is very welcome. Haven’t decided what to do with all of it. Maybe a practice Tunisian garment for me.

I had been practising Tunisian simple stitch.

Tunisian simple stich in DK yarn

And was getting better as I went along, as you can see.

Of course I received my hooks together with the yarn.

Two Tunisian hooks

So I decided to experiment to see if I could achieve the correct tension for the coat.

Tunisian simple stich in Aran yarn

All I need now is for my daughter to decide on colours and I will be into another long project.

10 thoughts on “When you think you’ve bought 5 balls but it’s actually 10!

  1. Please do try the honeycomb Tunisian stitch as shown on Yarn Hook Needles. They have a video tutorial. I was always forgetting which row I was on, a knit or a purl row, so I drew up a cheat-sheet to show me which starting row I had done previously. One of the preceding rows looked like it started with a Yen symbol ( a Y with a line through it), one didn’t. So that way I knew which type of row I was on. The more rows I did, the easier it became to tell. I also just checked, and the Amazon UK site has a set of 11 aluminum T hooks for 8.49 (2mm-8mm) GBP, which is a pretty good deal. Yay for your extra yarns! Hugs

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    1. Sounds interesting but my eyes struggle with the knit stitch in the evening and the one time I tried the purl stitch I hated it. Thought I’d rather knit! Will check out what it looks like though.


  2. Oh my goodness the coat looks gorgeous but pretty difficult. You are braver than me. Wonder what you will do with the bargain odd balls. I have just put in a big order to Wool Warehouse for my winter projects. I love the feeling of anticipation for a squishy parcel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes the parcel was bigger than I expected. The red and green and silver balls will be good for Christmas themed makes. Since there’s so much other yarn it’s either offer it to other people or make me a top or something.


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