Blanket finalised with edging

I have now finished the edging for the blanket. I always think that adding an edging to a blanket is like framing a picture, something that needs to be chosen so as to show the main body off to the best effect.

At first I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to do this. I thought of adding some of the colours from the blanket in the edging but then I decided that just a plain but attractive edging was what was needed.

I quite liked the edging of my Granny Ripple snuggle blanket

granny blanket edgingbut was afraid that it might not lie flat (it does involve 2tr, ch, 2tr, over 3 sts), so I decided to create something similar by echoing the clusters of the central round by using a cluster V-stitch.

Of course I wanted to try it out before I made the final decision and pulled out one of the rejected squares from the CAL I took part in so long ago.

I worked four rounds including a corner and decided to finish off with a final round, again similar to the above edging.

However since I can now create satisfactory picots, the final round uses htrs (UK) and 3ch picots.

trial edging

I did find every time I picked up the blanket to do some more of the final round, that it took me a while to get back in the rhythm and had to undo a few picots but the final result is acceptable I think.

finished edging

So here is the finished blanket.

whole blanket flat

I always like to take a view from above of the whole blanket but I also draped it on my futon bed settee

blanket on futon

and laid it on top of a single bed.

blanket on bed

My granddaughter wanted it primarily as a snuggle blanket but I also wanted it to look right if spread over the top of a single bed.

Next week I will share an annotated version of my African Flower pattern and some more details of the edging I chose

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