Last Year we had Spring this year we have the Vaccine!

To raise our spirits I mean.

The unusually warm Spring and Summer last year certainly made the lockdown easier to bear. This year we are gradually coming out of a lockdown and I get my second jab this coming Saturday.

This year Spring is much later. Just think on this 12th April last year it was Easter and this was the photograph I took of the blossom on my apple tree.

apple blossom

This year the leaves are just getting going.

apple leaves

But the forget-me-nots that I always associate with apple blossom are out


and can you see that the Rosemary is also in flower.

The Primroses are going from strength to strength though.


And I have been so pleased to see all the little patches of Violets.


Falling over onto the paving.

violets on paving

and here is just one,

one violet


so dainty.

The Daphne I showed you earlier still has flowers with more to come and, as the wind blows, the scent gently wafts around.

My later Daphne that is much smaller has it’s first cluster of flowers


even more sweetly scented.

Lots of the flowers from earlier are still around and, if you look closely, you can see the Lily of the Valley just beginning to show.

lily of the valley

Just a quick look now the sun has come out.

9 thoughts on “Last Year we had Spring this year we have the Vaccine!

  1. You have no idea how jealous I am of those forget-me-nots. Sometimes there are things that a person just can’t ever seem to get to grow (weirdly, I’m good with orchids and bromeliads) but geraniums and forget-me-nots just hate me.

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    1. I love wood anemones but don’t know where to find any round here. Interesting that primroses have been good everywhere this year. My primroses and violets came from a friend who had to many in her garden and I have just planted them and let them get on with it. They seem to be finding their own level after a couple of years.


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