Summer Bunting

Since changing my sitting room decoration from Winter to Spring. I was missing the snowflake bunting across the fireplace. winter decorations

So I decided I ought to finish off the seaside summer bunting.

You may remember that, when I was making the coasters for Eleonora of Coastal Crochet’s Coasters CAL,

that I said that I had thought of turning them into bunting and had made a start on an extra motif. life belt triangle

Now, I think that I had had it in mind to make four of these and had already started on making some more motifs for them. net and ammoniteI had made an ammonite and was working on a fishing net.

Four triangles would be too much to fit the space which meant I only needed to make one more, so I abandoned the net and used the yarn to edge the triangle. ammonite triangle

Normally with bunting I attach the pieces as I create the cord to connect them but this time I made a two strand crochet chain and sewed the pieces on afterwards, so I could redesign in future if I wanted to.

So here it is all finished and in place.
summer bunting in placeThis is how I made the triangles, should you wish to try something similar.

No need to cut the yarn till the end.

I started with 24 chain in blue and made a (UK) dc in the second chain from the hook and each chain to the end. (Through back of chain.)

The I turned the work, 1ch miss a stitch, dc in each to the end. This is the basic row

Changed to white on the last stitch then 1ch miss a stitch, dc in each to the end. Repeated this for another row of white.

Then I switched back to blue for two rows dropping the white, and alternated till the last row was one white stitch.

Then I edged the triangle with dcs in a contrasting colour. One dc to each row and an extra couple for the corners.

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