How’s the bookmark getting on?

With nothing more to do for the blanket for a few days, I settled down for a first attempt at devising a new bookmark pattern.

I decided to try the Josephine knot, even though it looked a bit trickier than the other design. drawing

Unlike my earlier bookmark, mathematics was of limited use, but after a few more drawings and a bit of experimentation I produced this. first try

Just the double loop pieces that form the ends of any strip.

I had copied the square ends in the book but I could see that getting them exactly right would be the trickiest bit, so I decided to just work on the round ends to start with. and produced this. two loops

Having added the contrasting edging, and feeling that I had made the loops the right size, I then moved on to incorporating a three loop strip. with added three loop

Gaining confidence, I then worked out the numbers of stitches needed for the square ends, removed the pale blue double loop section as that yarn had been reused several times and was getting a bit thin, replacing it with one the same colour as the other two loop end. with square end

Time to move on to crochet cotton. However I am thinking that maybe the pattern could be worked into an attractive belt in DK  or 4ply weight yarn.

Time to move on but now having shown my granddaughter the layout of the blanket to much approval, I am working on joining the hexagons.

At first I was very slow and kept having to stop and count or redo. I am slip-stitching the edges together on the wrong side. Now, however I am getting a bit quicker but it is still going to take a few weeks. Then there will still be the edging to do, so I mustn’t get distracted.

4 thoughts on “How’s the bookmark getting on?

  1. reminds me of the “chinese” jump-ropes we used to make from rubber bands… or the bracelets from gum wrappers – though that was a different process.

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