Another shoreline

Although the beach along the river where I like to walk is rather brown,'beach'I have wondered if it is permissible to walk along it, to more fully indulge in the seaside experience. I did see a woman allowing her small son to paddle at the end of the walkway, where it is easy to get down, but I am not sure I would recommend paddling.

I didn’t find a definitive answer to my question but I did discover the existence of an even more beautiful shoreline – Chessel Bay.

So on Tuesday morning, the sun was shining and I resolved to go exploring. I almost don’t want to extol the wonders of this place as I met very few people along the way; so it was so much better than trying to go to Southampton Common. Of course there is lots of parking at The Common and I think people probably come there from all over Southampton.

I decided not to take the scenic route via my ‘seaside’ walk, which would have been longer, but went via the Mount Pleasant level crossing. This route does however include walking beside a pleasant park small park and is the way I go when I need to collect an undelivered Royal Mail parcel.

The first evidence of Chessel Bay is this sign. sign

Ignore the two black lines after the words, they are not an arrow; Chessel Bay is in the other direction.

There is a nearby viewing platform.viewing platform

The water you see below, at the far side, is not very beautiful. waterIt reminded me of ‘the brook’ in my grandparents’ village of Senghenydd. However I continued on until I got to the main entrance to the area. noticeThe sun was not in the best direction for taking photographs and I had to squat a bit to take this.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this was only about one and three quarter miles from home.

Here is one of the first views you get after the welcome board. 1st viewVisitors are discouraged from walking along the shoreline, though I did see a man with a rucksack doing this later.

There is however a narrow path to follow. path

which is very pleasant to walk along.

Now for another view. 2nd viewThe first structure I saw in the water. Not sure if this is for the birds in some way.

Nearby there are reeds. reedsHere you can see another wooden construction in the water.
3rd view

Moving on I photographed these swans. I did not actually see a great number of birds and this is one of those times when I miss my old camera with its telephoto lens.
swansBut listening I could hear an amazing carcophony of multiple bird songs.

I didn’t walk all the way to the end of the path but turned back when my Garmin fitness device told me I had gone almost two miles. Next time I will go further.

I stopped and took two photographs. One towards the city city view

and one toward Bitterne.hillside view

On the way home I met two women coming in the opposite direction who stood aside for me. It was their first visit too!

I also photographed this blossom on the blackthorn. blackthorn blossom

And later going back over Northam Bridge I photographed these rotting ships. rotting ships

I hope you enjoyed seeing Chessel Bay but not enough so that you will all rush there!

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