I feel a new Bookmark Pattern coming on!

I have always enjoyed the planning of a project even more than it’s realisation. This is possibly because my brain works better than my hands and I have often planned various creative projects that have never been taken any further.

Recently my mind has been totally occupied with planning the blanket for my granddaughter and it has been through several iterations that I will share with you one day. This is one of the reasons that I have not written posts about the progress of the blanket because, since it is made from individual motifs and I have eschewed join-as-you-go as a method for its construction, I will not know how it will look till I have finished it.

However, my plan now seems fixed, the number of motifs needed have almost been completed and so my mind has begun to wander on to other things.

It popped into my head that it might be fun to create another Celtic bookmark design.

different bookmarksas you can see I have already worked on three different ideas, though only one has made it as far as a published pattern,

though patterns for all of them are included in my book.

project book

So I looked on the internet and found a few possible ideas and drew one of them out on squared paper. sketch of Celtic bordercolouring it so I could see the separate parts.

I then got out my Celtic Knotwork book. Knotwork bookto look at what it calls a “Josephine Knot”.
I had previously though that this looked a bit tricky but thought now that I might be able to create it.
So I drew a couple of versions out based on my normally way of drawing knots. sketches of Josephine knots

I also drew a rough version of a two-loop twist.

The question is which to start with and whether to start in crochet cotton or DK yarn.

The Josephine knot is very tempting because the sections are much shorter and so quicker to complete but I can see the Josephine knot does need adapting from my normal pattern so it might be easiest to start with a short version of the first one in DK yarn.

I even came across a sample I made when working on my earlier bookmark.
sampleI think that the Josephine knot may need to be created more loosely so not sure if if may get floppy.

Although the blanket is still my major focus I have now finished all the main motifs and need to wait till the weekend when I can show it to my granddaughter, so maybe I can steal a little time to work on this.

I have sold a fair number of the earlier Celtic Bookmark patterns though only one person has created a project on Ravelry with a completed bookmark.

The original bookmark does need a starting chain which is almost 400 chain in length. If I could get this to work, it might prove an easier alternative.

6 thoughts on “I feel a new Bookmark Pattern coming on!

  1. instead of a 400 chain, which for me would be hard to keep track of, can you use a sc chain? perhaps working 3 in one for the corners, so that the shaping starts right away?

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    1. The strips are made from US dcs so you might be able to use chainless stitches if you can also incorporate the equivalent of working multiple dcs in one chain and of working the equivalent of several dcs together into a few chain. I actually threaded a piece of cotton or a stitch marker every hundred chain and also made a few extra which I removed at the end to allow for mistakes in the counting. When you are working the pattern you have to make corners frequently so you can check as you go. 400 just sounds daunting!


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