What have I been reading?

I don’t normally write about the books I read but I think that these are worth recommending if you want something a bit different.

two books
The Eyre Affair followed by Lost in a Good Book

These are the first two in what is in all a set of seven in two series. You do really need to finish these off with at least the next two books “The Well of Lost Plots” and “Something Rotten” to complete some story lines.

So what do you get. An alternative Britain where Britain was invade by the Nazis but later liberated and is now a republic with a totally independent and separate Welsh republic. The Crimean war is still going on and Russia still has a Czar.

It is also a world where books and book characters exist in their own right and can be visited by some.

Books jam packed with literary allusions and jokes together with adventure and jeopardy and love.

I own these two, I borrowed the next five from the library and this was a reread due to not wishing to visit the library and a lack of congenial e-books for loan.

I have also read the two books in his Nursery Crime books that I enjoyed but not quite as much.

The last book I read was this one. I found it great fun!

one bookPublished two years before a certain other book with a similar title which is maybe why it had never had a sequel.

Again an alternative universe taken to it’s logical conclusions. I would like to know what happened next!



4 thoughts on “What have I been reading?

  1. My Library is closed, but takes requests and offers “curbside pickup”. I checked their catalog and will be picking up these two books this afternoon.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

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    1. Yes, I can pop in and collect but it does mean walking down there and going inside and filling in a form. I did do it once but e-books and my home library (I have so many books!) is less hassle. Maybe I am getting lazy. 🙂


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