February Flowers

I can definitely recommend this Daphne for given you a boost this time of year. Not sure what it’s exact name is.

I can see it from the sitting room when lying on my settee and it is scented too!Daphne

You have t go outside to catch the scent of course.

Look at all those flowers. branch

It has been out for a while and flowers are even starting to fall off. fallen flowers

Here is a typical cluster cluster

and even closer. cluster closer

This is what I think of as my Spring flower bed. flower bed

The snowdrops are out nowsnowdropsand have even migrated up the other end.

more snowdrops

The Christmas roses are past their best but my Lenten Lilies are getting into their stride. HelleboreAnd I almost forgot. One of the best shrubs this time of year is my Christmas Box that is just by the front door and is beautifully scented.Christmas Box

It has really done well after I added more compost and fed it last year. One day the scent even wafted into the hall and stayed a while.

Here is a closer look at the flowers and berries. flowers and berries

Just a note. I try hard to take good photographs but I have been having problems with my eyes lately and things never look quite as sharp as they should, even with my glasses on, so I am no longer sure when a photograph is in perfect focus or not. I hope these are good enough.

6 thoughts on “February Flowers

    1. You do have to stand quite close to catch the scent but your comment reminded me that one photograph I had forgotten to add was of my Christmas Box that is doing extra well this year and is near the front door so I get the benefit of the scent more often. I have just added the photographs.

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  1. Your photos are just great. I’d never heard of a Daphne before, here’s one of the things I learnt from google: All parts of the Daphne are poisonous, especially the bright berries. Possibly you already knew that? It’s really lovely, I’ve never seen one in Cape Town.

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