Just a Quick One

They say “use it or lose it” but sometimes using it can cause problems, like with my wrists a few weeks ago, and now my eyes seem to be suffering from an excess of screen time, so I am trying to cut down until they recover.

However I thought that I would give you a quick look at a few of the motifs I have made for the blanket I am making for my granddaughter.

I won’t be joining them till they are all finished but I am well within schedule which is good. Though I have been resting my eyes even from crochet the last couple of days.

So here are four.


14 thoughts on “Just a Quick One

    1. I am joining them with slip stitches on the wrong side so the join will be invisible. Join as you go didn’t look right. I have left a couple of feet of yarn of the last round so I will do them one at a time in rows.


    1. The African Flower is a pretty motif and as there didn’t seem to be one canonical version, this is my own version that suits what I wanted to do. I did wonder whether to share the pattern at some point.


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