2020 Looking Back

I have only created a montage of my main crochet finished projects for 2020.

This is because I  did very little knitting: only two pairs of socks and the second not finished.

There were lots of pairs though with the crochet: two blankets, two small useful things – a phone case and hook case, two crocheted angels, two toys and two spider’s dream tops. Also lots of succulents.

main crochet for 2020

I also made some coasters, a head band, some exercises in mosaic crochet, an idea for a different sort of knotwork blanket and an owl keyring as a present.

I also cooked, took photographs and did a bit of sewing.

9 thoughts on “2020 Looking Back

  1. I really like the tops that you made – for your daughter and then for your self. I like yours better. The blankets are lovely and I do hope they are appreciated. You do such lovely work.
    I do wish you a Blessed New Year.

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  2. Those tops are wonderful so unusual.
    it’s nice to look back on the year and see how much we have produced, I thought I hadn’t done much with the year but it turns out I actually did manage to get some things done. Its always nice to be reminded of it.

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