Bit of a Catch Up!

Some of you may have been wondering where I have been for the past few weeks.

It all started with pain at the base of my thumbs on both hands. I decided that a break from Crochet was necessary which meant that I wasn’t going to have much to write posts about. Since reading posts about other’s creativity would only aggravate my sense of frustration, I decided to leave blogs and blogging for a while and concentrate on preparations for Christmas. Presents and cards all sorted, time to catch up.

I am now back to crocheting but as this is focussed on the blanket I am making for my granddaughter, it may still mean a lack of things to blog about as I don’t want to just give endless updates on my progress.

However just as a taster about the start.

At the beginning I found making the first couple of rounds wasn’t very enjoyable but then I realised this was because I was sewing the ends in as I went.

Now I am finishing each round with an invisible join, as it works best for adding the next round, which means ends have to be sewn in. However I realised that I could do the crochet and sewing in batches which felt much better.

So first I make six little white centres. six centres

Then I pick up one of the colours and do six with the same colour and then repeat for each of four shades of the current colour. four green piles

Here you can see what happened with the green ones. Three more rounds using two colours to go.

220 hexagons plus an edge. I hope I can finish in time, as I am still giving my hands plenty of rest.

12 thoughts on “Bit of a Catch Up!

  1. Since I have always given myself permission to do other things not just crochet or knitting, I would expect that you would need a break also.. I have one of the blogs I am following where she is currenting doing a different type of needle point instead of the stated blog of crochet.. It is a pleasant new craft to read about and doesn’t seem to be as hard on the hands.. I personally am hemming pants.. I ordered off of the internet several nice pants except they were 8 inches too long.. so right now I am doing a spot of hand sewing.. I am glad you are finding an easier way to do your motifs for the granddaughters blanket.. May you get it more done then not for Christmas- or at least done enough to show her what it should look like..

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  2. I find when I am crafting and having to hold small things tightly my thumbs hurt too- the fabric boxes were awful, but all o k now. Glad you have some relief from pain now, and welcome back. Those hexies look fun.

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  3. Looks good so far, I’m sure she’ll love it. I’ve been considering doing a hex blanket myself, it definitely wouldn’t be done by the 25th, but you’ve reinspired me to do it soon! I hope you enjoy your Christmas and have a happy New Year !

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