What do you think of this!

carved tree


On Tuesday I went for a walk on the Common with a few walking group friends – all in-line with guidelines and socially distanced.

We were taken to Highfield village where there was a tree that had had to be cut down where the guy had carved it into the shape of an arm chair. carved armchair

The tree, I was told, was a Cricket Bat Willow that had been planted by a cricketer 40 years ago. I asked if they could use the off-cuts for bats and was told, No! the tree needs to be only twelve years old to be used for making bats.

Fun Eh!

10 thoughts on “What do you think of this!

    1. No I don’t think that was the intention when it was planted. I expect they have special plantations for that. I thought it was sad it had to be cut down but I know trees do suffer with winds and disease and such like.


  1. I am seeing a lot more sculpture using trees and most are made with chainsaws. It amazes me that they can be made that way. and how nice an arm chair.. I wonder if it can actually be sat in. My home is over 100 year old farm house and in the back yard are 2 cider trees that were here before the house.. They need to be removed but I really don’t want to do that because they are so majestic.. and the little old lady who lives next door.. her husband grew up in this house .. and he played under these trees.. until she has passed on, those trees will remain up as I respect her memories and really have no desire to remove them..

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