Saturday Crochet Workshop

Really busy (stressful?) day so just a very quick post.

On Saturday I attended a workshop run by Sarah of Made and Making on Zoom.

The morning was devoted to mosaic crochet – the two row for each colour in turn sort.

I picked up a couple of tips but seemed to be making the same mistakes that made me struggle in the past. I also tend to prefer the pattern in the lighter colour but realised that doing it that way made using the chart just need that bit more concentration. So when I came home I undid what I had done. (This was about half of what is in the photograph.) Wrote out a written version of the first 11 rows, after which it repeats, and changed the colours so the pattern was in the darker colour.

The written version wasn’t perfect but a mix of written and chart kept me on track and speeded me up. So over the evening I managed to produce this.Mosaic crochet

This is about half of the full chart we were given.

Did hardly any crochet yesterday – so exhausted.

  *     *     *

In the afternoon it was Tunisian crochet with Eleonora of Coastal Crochet.

I have never done this before so I had had a little practice of the basic stitch on about ten stitches so I felt a bit more confident.

However this ended up being more of a struggle than the mosaic crochet and this is all I produced. Tunisian crochet

There should have been another row at the beginning of the yellow but I was so far behind that it seemed better to jump to the next row of the chart and be with everyone else. The knit Tunisian stitch was tricky when done with the same colour as the row before and I think I may have ended up doing one row less here as well. By the end the light was dropping, and the lighting in my study in front of the computer has never been very good, so I really struggled with the purl Tunisian stitch and ended up with two many stitches.

Manouvering the long hook, especially when I am used to holding thicker ergonomic ones was quite tricky and so my tension was very uneven and some stitches were hard to get into.

I think that I now know how to do the stitches and it corrected a misunderstanding I had had about the return pass. So I will settle down and try and complete the chart some time. But I will need a good light.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Crochet Workshop

    1. It is very dense. Eleonora wasn’t that keen on the knit and purl stitches and I think I agree. They are a lot of faff for a look that would be much easier to create with knitting needles. The ordinary Tunisian stitch didn’t seem too bad to do and quite interesting to look at. I may play around with it some more. Though my life is full of so many other things at present.

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