My burgeoning Stash

I must be going blind! Well my eyesight isn’t as good as it was and I do struggle a bit at times but today I opened the draft of this post and there it was – an option to edit in the Classic Editor. So Yay! So happy. Just like before.

I am finding that the organza bags provided by Wool Warehouse are becoming very useful for organising my stash.

I never used to think that I really had a stash. I had a drawer of Stylecraft Special DK yarnYarn in drawer originally – though actually this drawer has much less in it now plus some oddments. Yarn now

I had another drawer of sock wool and a few oddments like flesh colour DK yarn and some leftoversYarn in drawer originally– though this drawer is probably a bit more choc-a-bloc now. yarn now

Then later I used a large plastic box for the yarn left over from knitted jumpers and similar and a bit of yarn passed on to me by friends. yarn in box

But now I have a bag of yarn for my succulents. yarn for succulentsHaving had to buy a huge variety of different yarn to make the different ones. (And I didn’t buy every sort of yarn mentioned in the book, only that for my favourites and used my existing Stylecraft yarn where acrylic was needed.)

And I have a bag of baby yarn left over from my two rainbow baby coats. baby jumper with hood and fairy jumper

See here –baby yarn

Now, if I was still able to see my friends at Crafty Coffee, I would probably have the option to give it away. As it is I plan to make use of it in some way one day. Not sure if to do this for a Charity Shop or other charity as I don’t know anyone having a baby.

I’ve had to buy yarn for the CAL towards the end of this month yarn for CALand I have a little bag of yarn I already had for the two Zoom workshops this coming weekend. yarn for workshops

And of course I have the huge amount of yarn for the blanket I am planning to crochet for my granddaughter. yarn for blanketI didn’t buy it all in one go so it’s more than enough for one bag.

Contrary to my normal habit of planning a blanket, so I buy just enough to make it and have very little over, this time I will only need about two thirds of this. 

All this has made me think that a year from now I should be thinking “stash busting” projects only. This may not be totally restrictive as I should have quite a variety and quantity of different acrylic yarns.

All this without mentioning my crochet cotton.

Seen here when it was tidy and comprehensive. crochet cotton in drawer originally

I have both more and less since then but it does all fit in the drawer.


12 thoughts on “My burgeoning Stash

  1. Impressed with your crochet cotton organisation skills. Mine looks like an explosion! I love what I guess is your needle wrap too! Stash busters look fun, I try to keep all my acrylic from one brand for that reason but I’m not sure I have quite the variety I’d like yet for one.

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  2. Erm- you have a stash for sure- try looking at the Warm Baby project- on Facebook- always someone in need of baby knits. You can always join in with Scrap happy projects, and homeless charities always want blankets!

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    1. I tried to join Facebook but in the end they wouldn’t let me unless I gave them a mobile phone number which I wasn’t going to do. Will think of your suggestions when I get round to stash busting.


  3. I have over 35 clear plastic containers with yarn in and they are all sorted into which yarn it is like a full container of Stylecraft and a whole lot more they are numbered and written down what yarn is it which box i can’t just stop buying yarn there is always something new coming out and i have to have it.

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