The Tricky bit of the Border

I have been so busy with household matters recently that I haven’t had much time for blogs or blogging. So if my posts seem a bit scrappy that is the reason.

(I seem to have the block editor now and hate only being able have my text on such a narrow part of the screen. So different to how it will look when posted. Also, you used to be able to upload multiple pictures at once. I seemed to have to load them one at a time.)

Any one know what “Stick to the top of the blog” means? or “Pending review”?

For the moment I have put my succulents to one side and got back to the border of my Celtic Granny blanket.

Celtic Granny Blanket

I finished the part in cream.

border edge

And here is the corner.

border corner

Though I intend later on to add granny rows in the different colours.

Then I started on the interleaving overlaying part and am now beyond the corner on the longer side.

overlay edge

I worked out that I can do about eight inches an hour. Though I seem to be doing much more just resting lately, I am so tired, so I am not sure when it will be finished.

This is where I turned the corner from a short side to a long side.

overlay corner

I am pleased with it though I do feel that there are probably a few minor mistakes and the tension is probably a bit variable. It is quite tricky handling four balls at once and I have to untangle them every so often. I think you can also see that the fact that the green yarn is a bit thicker shows.

This is how it fits with the blanket.

edge plus blanket

(Taken with flash because the light suddenly dropped.)

9 thoughts on “The Tricky bit of the Border

  1. I asked the same question about loading multiple photos in the Forums, but I have found a way to do it. I will write a post about it. Here’s how i do it – go to My Sites, scroll down to the bottom to WP Admin, go to Media and click on either Library or Add New and you can load multiple photos into the Library. I will put this with photos on my blog. I know everyone’s screen looks different so it might not help everyone.

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    1. Hope this isn’t too long an explanation but I tend to see things as a process.
      If you look at the photos of the border before I added the overlay you can see wavy lines that were created by crocheting into the back loop. Seven rows, crocheting in back loop for all but first row. Plan was to leave top and bottom waves visible and work on four waves in the middle.

      I then start at the right hand end somewhere and join each yarn to a different point. ( I had drawing I had done and showed in earlier post to help me start.) Then knowing that strands of crochet will be alternating between over and under I work one strand until I get to a point where it will be going over another then stop. Repeat this for the three other colours. The go back to first colour and work over other colour and on until another over is due and repeat for other colours. Doesn’t really matter if you stop too soon sometimes.
      The basic method is to work a dc (UK) into each loop then when you go over another colour (that obviously has to have been worked already) I work 1ch then continue on the other side.
      I suppose an important bit is that each wave has two stitches at the top and bottom and when you drop down from one to another you work into the first stitch on the bottom of the top wave and into the second stitch at the top of the bottom wave.
      With my wave pattern each half wave is four stitches which helps when remembered though I think I may have done five sometimes before I got into the rhythm.


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